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i always look for the happy ending...

my name is timberly. creative writing and french are my specialties. my wishes in life are simple. one: be a novelist. two: move to new york city. and three: marry tom felton.


Everything you love is here


Everything you love is here

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“We’re adults, but, like…adult cats. Someone should probably take care of us, but we can sort of make it on our own.”

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Most accurate description ever.

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My friends and I at the dances.


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This is like installing Windows on a Mac.

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“Be with her because you actually want to be with her, because you actually see a potential future with her, not because you are used to being with her, not because you’re scared of the thought that being without them will ruin you. The point of being in a relationship is to enjoy each other’s company, is to be there to support each other when they need it most. No one person, defines who you are. They only complement you.”

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“You don’t need religion to have morals. If you can’t determine right from wrong then you lack empathy, not religion.”

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what bar do I go to in order to order a glass of this


what bar do I go to in order to order a glass of this

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